Your Divorce Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune with legal services from Lamanna Law

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Most people know that a divorce can involve significant financial consequences. If your financial planning didn’t take your divorce into account, contact Lamanna Law to help minimize the consequences. As a practiced divorce lawyer, Attorney Jennifer Lamanna understands that going through a divorce can be expensive, which is why she tailors her approach to keep the legal costs down.

Rely on attorney Lamanna for:

  • Arbitration and mediation: Contested divorce can be expensive, while arbitration or mediation can be a more affordable way to reach a settlement.
  • Limited assistance representation: Hire attorney Lamanna to handle just the paperwork in your case to cut down on expenses.
  • Review of pleadings, drafts and responses: Your divorce attorney can depose of the other party.

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We’ll help you reach an agreement

When dealing with a divorce, it’s important to establish the items that each party can agree on. Then we can decide what worth’s disputing. Choose an experienced divorce lawyer in Charlestown, MA to represent you by contacting Lamanna Law today.